POP OFF: Robin Antin's Battle Royale

POP OFF: Robin Antin's Battle Royale

Get ready for a musical showdown as we dive into the world of Robin Antin's iconic girl groups! In this episode of POP OFF, we pit The Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious, Paradiso Girls, and G.R.L. against each other, analyzing their biggest songs, corresponding music videos, and electrifying performances. Join us as we dissect the production, vocals, melodies, and choreography to determine the ultimate winner. Who will come out on top? Let the battle begin and let's get ready to rumble!


  • The Pussycat Dolls - "Don't Cha" feat. Busta Rhymes
  • Girlicious - "Like Me"
  • Paradiso Girls - "Patron Tequila" feat. Lil Jon and Eve
  • G.R.L. - "Ugly Heart"


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it's not that hard to sing like at least in that third verse let them each have one line let me let me and then the final chorus gets almost a little ethereal and dreamy which you know I guess that's when you're like super drunk that's what you're kind of just like yeah I think vocal delivery and the way their their voices sound as a group or even separately strong vocals viewer discretion is advised your fave will be criticized that's Chris that's Shan and you are watching CCTV the non-stop pop show and it's time for a pop off the ultimate music Showdown featuring Robin and tins girl groups [Music] looking for an awesome Global pop music podcast Chris and I have the inside scoop with extensive experience performing on stage and working at record labels we review and deep dive into your favorite artists songs and careers and also interview music industry professionals including artists producers choreographers and everything in between you can also join us on patreon on patreon.com CCTV pops and become a part of our amazing crew including our producers Lily Lisette Emily Kevin and Juliet subscribe now and let's explore the world of pop music together and we're so excited to do another pop-off round it's always fun to hear all of your comments as well because you know music is fun because we all have different opinions everyone we're looking at you with it popping fans so anyway so pop off is a segment here on CCTV where we take some tracks compare the songs the videos and performances and pick our favorites in each category and then we each choose an ultimate winner as well and again this is for Pure fun so please don't take it too seriously and make sure to hit that follow or subscribe button because we have a lot of fun pop-offs planned moving forward too so today we're taking a look at choreographer and entrepreneur Robin Anton before we get started we must talk about the mother of the girl group vampire herself Robin Anson is a Dancer choreographer and entrepreneur who started the Pussycat Doll in 1995. not the girl group that we all know and love but a modern burlesque group and there has been a lot of drama with this group from Burlesque to pop to now and if you'd like to learn more go check out our Pop 101 episode all about PCD and from this franchise she went on to create not only a few more girl groups but a television series a Las Vegas nightclub and a clothing line so again I think it is kind of an Empire a little bit right sure yeah yeah and those who is not in the lineup of the Pussycat Dolls she made herself known as the business mind and creative leader behind the concept alright so let's get into our pop-off we're going to take a look at the biggest singles by her four girl groups The Pussycat Dolls Girlicious GRL and Paradiso girls so let's get ready it's Rumble foreign round one smearing are the Pussycat Dolls with don'tcha featuring Busta Rhymes player one written by Busta Rhymes and CeeLo Green and including a Sir Mix-A-Lot sample the song was originally released by Tori Alla Mays as her debut single in 2004. after lack lost her success the song was offered to the Pussycat Dolls following its release in April 2005 the song achieved massive Global success and is often referenced as one of the best girl group songs of all time so let's talk about the song first so the production the vocals what do you think you know this is a good song instant hit I remember liking it when I first heard it when I was young like I was such a baby um not that much of a baby you know I was old enough to know that don't you wish a girlfriend but don't do with chicken had no business singing it whatsoever you know uh as much as I don't think any of us had any business

except them right um I think this song is so fun and Sassy it's the kind this kind of pop music now would be so frowned upon because it's not serious and it stinks because it's fun like like if I think of I think of this song as almost like a really flirty like girl group version of an if because if it's like intense and it's like very like this one's like a little kind of cool I like listen babe listen I know you like me but loss isn't a good reason to you know come over here I like the second verse I will say I preached the second verse appreciate the second verse saying like listen stay with your girl lust is not a reason to leave but then the line about not caring about sharing comes around and then well the generosity is toss out the window I was like I don't care but I know it's gone when she said that I was like oh okay don't you miss your girlfriend so yeah I think that was cute and then the whole maybe next lifestyle so I think there's a little bit of a push and pull in terms of like lyrical composition uh in terms of like yeah I'm hot you see me but also don't do that to your girlfriend because I'm not a homewrecker if you want to try the throttle thing yeah um one thing I do not like about this song is that you can hear a silo it's so funny the yeah why is he still there come on filo why are you in there man come on look what I don't like I just cannot that's like my kind of like gripe with the song and also shout out to them for being able to give Busta Rhymes like he was hot like rapper at the time like y'all rule him 50 Cent um I think TI was like kind of coming up but not he wasn't hitting his shot at the moment but yeah kudos for them for getting bust a bus you know and his verse is so good too uh such a good flow and then the original Bridge of the song is like nah so that was the right choice to get a feature there um but we'll talk about that bridge because they do perform it so we'll get there in round three um but yeah I agree the song is a perfect pop track and I think I had said in the Pop 101 that it still sounds quite current like it could very easily be released today in its form and it's like current form and would totally still be a hit I think and yeah it's super super catchy the call and response is so fun in those verses yeah and that beat it's pretty Obama's iconic it's really hard not to strut a little whenever this song comes on uh which is dangerous when you're walking around New York City all right but there are some really nice flourishes in the production actually I love all the little percussion I like the guitar strums that come in and out the DJ scratches of course

um the wiry synth as well the horns in the chorus uh so yeah really really good what do you think of the vocals other than silo [Music] oh I think they're think she's good [Laughter]

okay here's the thing I think Melody is actually there Philadelphia I think she might be at she might be on some yeah it might be in some of the looks too yeah because I was I was thinking about like third round we're not there yet performance while I was watching them sing it live I'm like oh there's that tone because I'm like that's not just Nicole yeah um even though probably eight of those layers are her yeah but again it's just stinks and you're doing like a group vocal and you're like trying to make a comp vocal of all these takes you get the best ones because you have like vocalists are actually in your group again watch our Pop 101 it's things that you went from being the main vocal to being a sub vocal to be like you know the extra one because you're gonna hitting live crazy notes um but yeah I think I think Nicole's delivery is great um the original the original was absolutely sassy obviously because the black woman was saying and she was saying in it he wasn't just singing she was Oh no you're not she was going in and I think Nicole followed it to the letter and in the from the demo I will say that she copied it but she doesn't sound like she's putting on a full accent which I appreciate I don't know it sounds like a little bit more of a drawl in a sense it's breathy and even when she performs it it still translate pretty well um I cannot wait to get to the performance side because she does stuff in the vocals I agree with you I think her execution is pretty Flawless actually you know it's relaxed but it's sexy it's Sultry and there's a lot of attitude when needed I think so even though the verses are a little samey right you did it you know like it's just like even the third verse after the rap is still the same kind of energy but she gives something different in each line so I appreciate that um but yeah you know I love a girl group right and so the fact that there's three members that aren't even on the song when the song is not hard to sing no you know and like we've heard I think Jessica has performed it I've seen car meat perform it so low I'm sure Ashley I'm sure they all have probably a different gigs and stuff yeah it's not that hard to sing like at least in that third verse let them each have one line yeah that's what gets on my nerves uh what is that and that will annoy me always you know so I cannot give the vocals a 10 despite how great Nicole sounds because they're a group so yeah let's move on to the next player we have Girlicious with like me player two Anderson was released in April 2008 following the conclusion of the CW reality show Pussycat Dolls present Girlicious which documented the group's formation and like me was done by felon Alexander Esther Dean Cedric Williams and Jazzy Faye and it only got to number two on Billboard's bubbling under chart but it did manage to reach number four on the Canadian Hot 100 so at least it did well somewhere oh that's what explains why they went to um Canada's performance actually yeah I think I think with their second album it was like only released in Canada like I think their record deal turned into Canada only which is why America still does not have this album on streaming which is Criminal because second album's actually really good oh wow wow I would have not Wham yeah interesting I'm surprised I didn't have Jazzy Faye like um come around with his little dolphin back in the day because of him and pillow actually work together no yeah you're on a song it's like years ago but um yeah what do you think about the song because like you said it is absolutely criminal because they actually were like like good for the time first off I think we both watched the show right yeah I loved that show like I loved all the girl group formation stuff so this was right up my alley this one definitely was there was a lot of Patty drama in this one so I remember these four are not liking each other right so when they all got in the group it was already kind of like I don't know if they're gonna last um you know talent wise though the four of them are great I will say uh the song is awesome I think you can tell that don't show was kind of the brief like if you look at a lot of the songs on PCD beep you know all of those it has the same kind of energy to it so you can kind of hear what they were going for it has that sassiness it has that super strong beat um lyrically though this time it's directed at another woman so that's different um and yeah I think the production is okay on this like it does have an energy and it also does inspire a struts not as big a strut as don't you but still a strike uh but I have to say listening to it super closely which actually haven't done in years A lot of it does sound just like a loop like there's not many deviations that happen throughout it you get a little bit of a pullback for that last section of the chorus and then there's some tension building in that bridge but otherwise the whole thing is just looped over and over again for the entire song which isn't great um and then also the mixing is terrible I don't know if that's just the version that's currently now on streaming but it's super muddled because everything seems really pushed forward and it's very loud yeah and so I so that really sucks for them uh I will say vocally though I do appreciate now all the members do have their own moments uh then they all actually have very unique tones like I I think on the entire project both the first album and the second album you can pretty much always tell the three of them completely apart which is good yeah um and yeah there's just a ton of attitude there's some nice ad-libs there there's definitely they're definitely pushing really hard um in it and I think that was clearly directed by Robin because they kind of do that in everything with this song but um I don't think that's a bad thing because I think the song has a lot of attitude so it's giving that uh and there are some nice little harmonies in there and some different members taking lead in different parts of the chorus and stuff so I enjoy it what do you think I remember coming home from school to watch this show this more patient I was like with baited breath but you know I I think this was an interesting song in terms of like Direction because it wasn't a pussycat girl pussycat girl Pussycat Doll like spin off completely which I appreciate they actually tried to match the soundscape of the music at the time and like hip-hop and R B was coming up now um Sierra had just hit her prime was starting to do like fantasy right around the time right like 2008 yeah but yeah anyway she had just come off working with Jazzy Faye which is he kind of split up around for that after the evolution album so when they got together I was like Jazzy hey you got a product shizzle from Jessie ladies and gentlemen and he's headed to near this too that's his tag okay murder on the B so it's not nice we had layers and Dolan um but yeah no I think it's really impressive to kind of get that uh crunk pops out I like that part so my ears are already kind of like ready to hear it when I was younger and I was like this oh yeah oh and the attitude is there I will admit with at the beginning like tagline The UU I thought they were saying do you do you yeah do you like like do you want to be me like keep watching I kind of like that thank you mitsugar yo-yo yeah yeah I'm like oh okay sure um but yeah no again I do appreciate the the attempt to make things sound sonically more r b because Tiffany like me okay don't know my talking Tiffany because she was taking him to church and that no back end of the song and um I will say the drums in this song kind of remind me like Teach Me How to Dougie oh yes yeah so I like there's influences so I appreciate it um I do I'm not gonna lie the lyrics about the girls that ain't like me think it's probably not as appreciated now because everyone's like we have to love each other and women I get it I totally get it but here's the girl be yourself don't be me don't do it you can succeed just don't do it by being me so I totally get that and it's also pretty it's still prevalent and still happens in hip-hop and R B now so like this kind of rhetoric and lyricism I don't find it personally like oh my God how could they possibly say it believe me if you're listening to this you've met someone that's just doing the utmost you're like can you just go go go and I think the song does it in a nice way where it's not like she's a I appreciate they don't say she's a hoe they don't say she's a b word it's just like she's trying to do like me she's trying to shake her booty like me she's not doing it like me she wish she was fine like me and it happens you know they just didn't say she was a hater how she had they said she was a hater maybe people maybe would be like oh yeah you tell that girl off but um this is not like just like bullying this poor girl right it's coming across I was like it's coming across as you want to be like me huh and then you know I'm sure you're not as good as me you're not right cute you're not like it's like you're right exactly so I think that's the kind of like roughness with it again like you were like hip-hop now like with lotto and cardi B's verse on there on that song I was like dang girl I don't know whose necky trying to step on but get off that's kind of what that song is kind of trying to do um but again again I think it's it's a pretty decent song I think Natalie's hilarious because

um and I do appreciate even though the instrument still does loop a lot there are some there are there are some ad-libs that kind of like they um that kind of get like a extra like Harmony on top or something happens but the mix is way too forward I don't know who the heck did it God Jesus um but honestly that was the style back and they have that crap be super loud and then you're like where's where's the production what's going on what's what's I don't know why they thought that was okay but um but yeah I mean it's not bad yeah and I love the little exhale at the end oh what's this super fun up next is Paradiso girls with Patron tequila featuring Little John n e player three so Robin wanted to recreate the magic and try to create an international group with five members from different countries she dubbed these girls the paradise hooker they release Patrol and tequila in April 2009 and the song was done by Jamal Jones Carrie Hilson Esther Dean Jay Smith Jay Perry Paul of the Dawn and Little John and it was originally intended for Carrie Hilson's album but was ultimately not included and the song achieved little success peaking at number 82 in the Canadian Hot 100 and appearing on a few Billboard charts including dance club songs and heat Seekers I was not really here for the Paradiso curls I'm gonna be honest um this song is just not really for me I kind of get what they are going for because you know you kind of everything was about partying during that time in western music more so right you had like the Black Eyed Peas um impulse and vocally and melodically this is giving like Ting Tings or like maybe even like Kesha I know that Kesha baby came out a little after this song but it's that kind of bratty kind of half-yelling kind of style yeah

yeah you could definitely tell Robin loves this type of super strong beat uh because that's definitely been very consistent so far it makes sense obviously she wants something you can like perform the crap out of so I guess she wants something super high energy uh I will say I actually think Eve and Little John's parts are the best parts he has awesome moments I love her wraps uh and little John you know he's giving the energy you know he's like the DJ in the back like screaming which I think works in this case because it's about partying and so I almost like look out for those parts more than I do the actual groups Hearts I think so yeah the chorus it's catchy I think it's slightly annoying but I again I kind of see what they were going for um the first verse though is nice like that's where you can really hear the kind of Carrie Hilson influence because Kelly hasn't really nice voice it's always kind of delicate yeah but then she's singing about like nasty things uh oh yes nasty so it's always just a nice balance um and then Lauren comes in and there's way more energy so there is kind of a build with the way the vocals are done production wise uh it's okay I think I do like the long since in the background but there is a lot of tension because it does kind of feel like you're like building up to like this big explosive party moment and then the final course gets almost a little ethereal and dreamy which you know I guess that's when you're like super drunk that's when you're kind of just like um so that's kind of what I was getting out of that so I guess that's cool um but yeah you know the lyrics it's just like the whole glamorizing to throwing up and all that stuff like I'm sure I wonder if they tried to get Patron to like sponsor this and they're like uh this is too trashy that bothered me I'm like at the end of the night I'll have you what the heck no no what pretty girls don't do that don't sit there and say I'm gonna make it throw up like if it happens it happens but then reverse not a chant and you bambed it that's what makes it worse they vamped it you know I'm not gonna lie I was I was pretty young and impressionable the song this is so funny looking at these girls now they're like they're like all mothers and like I'm now kind of around the age where some of them were when they started I'm like oh I get it because I was younger I was just like ciao but yeah so I I didn't I don't think I was again too adverse to it because it was now that I look at who's wrote and written a song it's Esther teen I can hear them that's the way she gotta delivered when she was doing a lot of music um and I'm like oh gosh and then the Paula de Dawn kind of production I was used to hearing because he was doing a lot of like suffer um for uh Carey at the time at like Carrie Hilson so I like the production and and you're right Robin seems to really like the whole stomping and drums and they're bumping the bump because this is very like drum heavy as well there's a drum pattern that leads this song There's a drum pattern that leads um like me and keep going you know predecessors and such like that so yeah I I appreciate that she tried to have like a EDM spin-off I can't lie the way this is all going it's like you have Applebee's chilies like all Smith kind of restaurants that are kind of the same umbrella um but yeah this is kind of like the European EDM Girls um I will say Kelly the black girl um we haven't listed anybody's like the members names or anything like that but Kelly that girl I don't even know what she could say because I think she's released the solo song though actually I'm sure she's very talented but you know and yeah she's even there yeah and pure girl group American girl group fashion and based on I think based on like what they were trying to go for like sonically the other girl's voices do fit that EDM sound that was kind of popping at the time with that very like high pitched in your face blah blah blah so yeah even even and Shar if I'm not mistaken the the other girl man with the Filipina I was like does she have anything to say because unless you're watching a live performance she didn't do anything and I'm like why did y'all sign up today oh yeah those are barely in the video too which we'll get to but yeah oh my god oh but yeah no I think this song was interesting he got a little giant yelling sorry whoa boy like you said he's in the Bob in the back and I think Carrie probably could have done this song because it definitely sounds like she would have done but I think there's a lot more trash pop um like you were saying um and they're not vocally untalented like Chelsea had just come off the girl the girl Licious like spin-off show for them the next Pussycat Doll so they were just kind of filling in slots of growth that they already had very much like how K-pop does it like we already have a trainee in the back she can hit these notes and Chelsea held it down Patrol yes

yes great her voice is so good amazing it had me weeks and she said what's wrong oh my girl but when like her verse was so good and then you get into this freaking chorus I'm like the Melody's not strong enough um but yeah she was eating it up even Lauren she sounded pretty decent but there's a lot of processing on her voice and Arya as a vocalist is very like nasally

but I'm going to end it here all right so our final player is GRL with ugly heart playered four so this was actually their second single um luckily they actually got a second single oh God yeah so anyway after members started leaving the Pussycat Dolls around 2011 Robin Anton began holding auditions for new members but ultimately decided to just create a brand new girl group which ended up being GRL uh and we're just pretending to parodies of girls never happened because that was just a major fail

Esther Dean Dr puke John Charles mons and circuit and the song did achieve a lot of success hitting charts all around the world including Australia the UK and across Europe an is back um and you can hear it too oh my gosh now that I'm getting a little bit more familiar with esterdeen as a songwriter I'm like oh I could hear her singing this demo and eating it up um I like this song I think production-wise is not my style in terms of like the little one I can't I can't with the ukulele sound I cannot this is my personal preference um and I think around the time this song came out I was already kind of so deep in the K-pop I was doing my like but it doesn't sound like Kpop it might open that phase of me of my music listening um so I was I think I might have been two actually right right so it's just like we start hearing some other stuff you're like hang on I gotta listen to Western groups okay uh okay so um go all 2011. good year especially for those 21 naming every date before they sang their music um but yeah no um it was something that I didn't really like like at first but the reason I actually did pay attention to the song was because Simone battle was in this group and I remember seeing her um on X Factor and I thought she was freaking amazing there and the way they edited her audition they made so like they hated her but they she did it they didn't hate her she said she was just a young girl with just a lot of energy they didn't hate her though and I thought wow she can really sing sing and she actually sang When I Grow Up when she auditioned so again it just all kind of just goes down this weird pipeline of like hey you sang the song before you want to be in a girl group yes um but yeah I think she's kicking it off with her her voice is so good all of her voices are good actually the I will say the line distribution must skip a generation because they finally got lines girl this is traded lines but then Paradiso girls you like who's singing is that the same one this one you're like okay this is a different voice um you have um all of these girls with very not similar voices but similar enough where they can actually switch each other's Parts which is good all right so you get a second you get second verse second pre-chorus you have Emily singing it or um Natasha singing it um I think Paul is the only one that's singing in the bridge and I'm not sure if she's like a singer singer but she came around in the bridge give it that little whisper okay and it was good it was good so they were all solid so I definitely appreciated the how they sound and that's what kind of brought me around um that chorus though when I heard it honey who left the song Alone years later got into Little Mix yeah and you know so what do you think about that because I mean like music and copyright and all the other good stuff and infringements and you know plagiaries I actually just listened to them back to back you know when you're preparing for this just because I wanted you know a fresh uh a fresh take on it and definitely the chorus is very chant like yeah and the melody is a little similar I think the Little Mix one is a little more melodic there's just a little more going on with it I think um the GRL one is more of kind of a a yelling kind of chant yes um but I totally get it but yeah GRL in general the whole thing just sounds a little grittier I get the comparison but like I don't think it's like a complete derivative yeah yeah one's like driving me down with the top with the top down and the other one's like kind of like protesting bad guys right and I felt that so yeah I think vocal delivery and the way their voices sound as a group or even separately strong vocals and I really wish like you know things worked out and panned out well for them because you know they were still pretty unlucky trajectory yeah absolutely yeah I will I will agree with you I think vocally super super strong um every time someone new things it's like oh a new tone you know like something different and they're all uh I think you know I don't know if for how much Robin is involved with the vocal production of things but you know I think you start off with Girlicious where they're just like doing the absolute absolute most and they're pushing so hard you're a Paradiso girls that are basically just yelling for most of it um and then GRL you have a lot more range there yeah so yeah just a it's a nice moment um the kind of country guitar stomping kind of moment I don't mind that it actually kind of reminded me of Katy Perry a little bit like I think this could be a Katy Perry song which makes sense because it's kind of a lot of the same you know she was a big Dr puke kind of artist at that time so it makes sense for sure and this mix is so much better this mix is probably the best out of the four uh it sounds super super full yes um and then the way it pulls back you get like a really nice build with the snare drum rolls and the symbols hitting with some bones giant note and then the last colors feels super anthemic as well yeah so it's a really really nice build throughout the entire song um and I love the lyrics as well yes I love them yeah yeah super super fun and you know I think we all know these people these very stuck up people that are also good looking but are just so nasty inside that they're just very unattractive in every way so that concludes round one which was about the production and the vocals and the song itself so what wins this round for you can't do it you go first please yeah I think this is tough for me because I actually really like most of these songs uh but I think I I hate to be super biased but I love don'tcha like I will never get sick of don'tcha it's so good it deserves its place as one of the best girl group songs ever it's just so much fun I don't think I'll ever get sick of it in my entire life I'm gonna match you like don't you don't just get girls just right right behind them I'll give them that right yet round two so down to this video can I tell you Nicole is so hot I look at that video and I'm like she still looks really good but when she was like like a little 20-some lotion now she was fine as hell all of them look good boy she didn't know who was in the group you just doing some hot chicks um and also I loved when I was younger I remember looking at her and thinking she's not no offense to anyone but she's not white and usually with pop girl groups is always a blonde hair lead or like a brunette it's always like a pot girl that's just not what Nicole looked like so I think that's also the appeal of why it was so like special because this was the age of like maximum Hot 100 like all these girl groups were like maximum hot so it was pretty much like whatever you saw what kind of immediately being fed you would see like Paris Hilton in them or whoever it was blonde hair the Playboy Bunny girls are all blonde and then you see this dark-haired tan skin telling you you wish your girlfriend whatever she looks like looked like me oh my god um she was definitely a star and it stinks that the other girls didn't get a lot of shine but I do like that how they were styled in terms of like you know their personalities like you could kind of see like Kim with her Mohawk car meet with her red hair and Jessica with her black Ashley with Ashley I could barely tell who it was and it sucks because you have so many like b-roll shots of random girls cooking you don't know who might get the ax okay he was giving like America's Next Top Model it's like this week um but yeah no I I loved the choreography this one was one of the more choreography heavy videos and you can remember the step touch step touch hot like me you can you know it and in the the chest pops with the the DJ scratch you can remember all of it and the oh my gosh like the whole like dirty arcade crunchy like whose house they were having wanted to be there like I'm at that age now and I'm like where is that party um but yeah I think this video was really fun and the chemistry another chemistry maybe the the magnetism rather the Charisma was definitely there with even with all the random girls I didn't know who's who you wanted to keep watching it's definitely a simple concept but it's super super effective yeah you know I think the Pussycat Dolls and I think Robin in general like obviously she's a dancer so she understands what is needed to perform well out and so yeah Nicole's amazing on camera but all the ladies including the ones that didn't make it in the group that were in this video they all do the absolute most that they can when they know that they're on camera and that's a good thing in this case because I think when you're given this concept that is just kind of like okay you're in this house party oh my God yeah

um and you know even Robin's in there too and she's giving too

but you know it's interesting watching it back you know they were all as you kind of noted they were fighting for their place in the group and yeah Nicole she was kind of needing to prove why she was the center and the leader and then the rest of them their place wasn't solidified yet so it's kind of like you better give your absolute most every single hair flip every single hip hit every smize every chest pop like they are putting their all into it but I think that's what makes this video so great to watch as well and also really like the way they did the color grading as well like obviously the house is kind of grungy yeah but not gross like it doesn't look trashy so they did a good job at that and then also like all the little pops of color like you have car meets hair you've got some red lipstick like that's just the way they did it where it's all relatively subtle but again it's just there's a lot to look at yes and so again it just kind of takes the simple concept and they've kept it interesting for this like four minute long song oh my God it doesn't really go anywhere to be honest but the song itself is just so good that it's so good but like yeah the build though isn't really there in the video or in the song so like they had to kind of keep it interesting and they definitely did that all right so player two big sexy hair it's the promo it's the sponsor for Like Me by Girlicious what did you think of that video and it premiered at the end of the final episode of The CW Show this is so stressful and was indicative of why that video looks the way it does because there's no extra in all the videos that we've seen we're going to talk about today this is the most non extra video budget was not there big sexy hair did not give them a big budget there not at all it was crazy too they had no extra because they were being extra like this was the age of like the age of Like You Got Served the dance movies everyone's like throwing their hair and stuff like that like this was that era and it was so apparent um wow okay where do I start with this um okay I'll be nice that'd be nice I'll just be like a little bit more start low when you start to raise the bar um okay you keep the PCD color palette right you have like the the kind of like salary or like the striped socks but this time it's a little bit more Urban because they're wearing shorts and and tops with the the Old English lettering of their names and their dancing more hip-hop because this is not Street Jazz this is hip-hop and you have to know you're doing a heel toe uh but yeah I mean I think it's interesting to watch the palette of the video because it looks like buttons like there's a it was like the fight Arena and then the girls were in the back or in the box like the PCD was singing buttons in the box but you know like the opening app and then the fight was going on with girl Licious I do like the whole idea of them being in a ring um I I think it would have I think the video would have served a nice kind of like it was a nice stage side for like a little dance battle between the girls like if I was a choreographer for that or like a video a director for that yo have like a little dance off between two girls and two girls like try not to make it so obvious that you're putting like color and color but like figure out a good commentation of Grossinger it could just be fun banter um uh it would have been I think we would have been fun but yeah you can definitely see their their personalities like I said no extras because they were extra okay um Natalie sotel scenes she's great she started unzipping ripping hair flipping and pop oh my girl was just fine she was great but again I watched it I was like wow I want to be those girls and that's the point at the end of the day that's the point you want to look at them and be like I either want to be with that person or want to be that person or are you like oh I hate it's disgusting you feel feel one of those three things do you feel nothing at all maybe four but um but yeah and I was like wow they're so cool they're so pretty and I want to do the heel toe with them and the strutting and the hitting and the so yeah I enjoyed the video it's not great but they were believable so I'll take it yeah they definitely did what they could you know I think they were put in this like tiny little tiny Warehouse with the boxing ring and we're like go for it because even the lighting that you can see it looks so cheap it's just like oh wow like CW didn't give you guys anything either um I will say I do enjoy the little moments of them each in the corners I kind of wish we got a shot where all four of them were in their own corners and like yeah because we actually had like two extras that could be like the towel people or the water people yeah just to like and and the whole thing was like this show was a competition so they could have kind of played on that you know so I completely agree with you there's a lot more that could have been done there but it's okay um because I agree they did a good job I think the four of them I think it's hard to go that hard all the time right like I imagine for this whole video shoot it takes a long time to film these videos and oh my God I mean I said people were given their all in the Pussycat Dolls video but this one they were going at like 150. like it was kind of insane how hard they're going um so I really respect that you know like you can feel how badly they want it yeah so I appreciate that um and also as a group I do like how the four of them look as a group they all look completely different um they all do have their own lane but then they're also confident and even if they didn't like each other they just do a good job of kind of showing some teamwork like when they all kind of come together yeah the popping yeah yeah they do what they could they did what they could they did a good job of what they had yeah all right so with with the next um set a group of girls who's uh yeah you have Paradiso girls their video uh like I said line distribution Skips a generation and so does camera time apparently um

boy all I saw was Arya and I thought she looked great I thought I was like her short hair is awesome yes in the in the belt over her red top with the boob I was like yes yeah but I'm gonna go in so couldn't tell it wasn't a group without b side beat side shots like it was like oh clip of a hot girl who is that who is that they're gorgeous but who is that the dancing pissed me off because the lighting was not Lauren and I more than the back and she white and I can't see her face wait why is the saddle cast that much I can't see that girl she's gorgeous what are you doing like things like that piss me off um but I gotta saying also not all these girls are dancer dancers and if they are it was just a little sloppy because there was some points where they were like something and there was this one thing that I kept doing he's doing this weird like marching thing I can't do it because my body does not want to do it but it was like Trump I can't I wish I could show y'all but equipping but her knees kept turn needs to going up so high I was just like girl she was like doing mountain climbers but like standing up it was a lot bro um but yeah oh God they they aren't like dancer dancers right maybe they're like hot vocalists but Kelly is a DJ I guess because she wasn't doing nothing except yeah like I was like no which means yeah oh oh my God but like I said about like the Pussycat Dolls I see them and I'm like I wanna have a party like that but there are no clubs IRL that looks like this I hate music videos there's such lies oh my God this is this looks like they're having fun everyone's dancing everyone's on the club it's in a [ __ ] pumping on the thing I will say Lauren missed her Q on one of those fist pumps but you know it was it was fun and I was like I want to be at this club because no club's not popping in real life um except sorry poppy shout out to them because they popping but yeah um I'm done well what did you think of the actual concept of this guy that was like daydreaming about these women oh I almost forgot all about them because of her of arya's high knees I mean this again this is the era of Maximum Hot 100 yeah if you could sleep with this girl would you you know VH1 top 50 pop Divas you know that's how I found girls allowed um but yeah I mean it was it was okay he was basic as hell the whole like orgasming on the bus like what's going on yeah it's really Sleazy and trashy I thought um and I get that like you said that was a thing back then but it's just aged so badly it's definitely giving like straight white man's concept oh my God yes you know um like yeah so like some of it is just it's just not very tasteful like when arya's like in the bus like touching herself and stuff like I was like like this is not um yes I didn't love that because I think it really made it look it's really cheapened the whole thing and cheap into the group I think it cheapened Robin and her franchise as well like it's just all the choices I find a bit bizarre so yeah a little bit gross the party scenes are fine I I agree with you that all the dancing's annoyed the hell a lot of me also I mean not just because of the lighting but what happened to Robin's standards like I'm really really confused I I'm gonna be honest I don't really know much about Paradiso girls so please educate me um on this if you have more information but Robin's whole thing was that she's a choreographer like she wants to find dancer she wants to find performers yeah and then you get these girls who I mean that maybe you're right where all five of them are like really strong vocalists compared to maybe the past two groups that we just talked about right it's not like this song requires that so then it's just kind of like then like why do you need really good singers when you do a song that's about performance but then they're not good dancers so they can't perform it well I don't know I find I'm just very confused by the whole thing yeah because yeah I think when I watch the video I I was like oh they're not really showing much dancing you know I want I but I guess I was like oh that's an interesting choice and then I saw them perform and then I was like oh oh yeah yeah so we'll get to the performances in round three but yeah there's a lot of just writing and like yeah it's just not classy like I think the thing is with the Pussycat Dolls they were always classy about it polished polished yeah yeah and even Girlicious that it did get a little sleazier for a Girlicious but you know I think they were they were getting down like it was hip hop and they were doing like a lot of groups and stuff so it was cooler this one was just sleazy yeah yeah sorry y'all sorry sorry all right so player four is ugly heart what did you think of that video okay you know what I do appreciate that each of the girls had their own style of this video right and I think the whole premise of this the of the video is okay but I'm not sure what they're going to jail for so just being like really hot and like refusing to date while you see it at the end at the end where she goes okay so now you got an ugly heart and I'm like yeah so the guy who had tattoos all over him and they were arrested at a tattoo right right right see this y'all usually yeah that was not good if you're new here to our show I'm usually the one with the tin hat with the music video okay so that means they did a bad job thanks Chris I appreciate you so much because for some reason I just don't remember the guy with a tattoo on his phone it was really fast they only showed him for like two seconds yeah lamb okay thank you okay I like the whole like criminal thing going it's kind of cute oh because the song sounds like they're like oh this is our Riley cry feel that um you know Simone was like a revolutionary Lauren was like a festival Baddie um Natasha was being fierce but demure with the skirt and Paula looked like a fashionista from NYC yeah I didn't name all the girls I get it but here's the thing they look so extra as their character yeah but you know that was the sign of the times like it was like yo show your personality really big maximal like fashion like how can you be maximalist without copying Lady Gaga and things like this were like the norm but it sucks because there's no semblance of like Hey we're a group it's just random girls linked up together no color to link them together or any kind of like we're all wearing Louis Vuitton or whatever um but yeah I mean it's bad I do not I do like the the the the the jail scenes yeah those are cool but I hate that the desk were so close when they sit on the desk they're so close to the ceiling where they're sitting there trying to dance you got them like I think they're doing it halfway or like can't stand up all the way their hands are up on the ceiling like this I'm like so kudos to them for Center trying to be sexy with those uh drywalls you know I have the same wall on my ceiling like it's just not it's not cute um but again they're they're believable um I do wish it were more dance scenes though other than like riding in the shower or like them dancing on top of the desk like the chorus I appreciate them showing that I do I am curious to see what would have happened with you know more more dance scenes in the certain areas like them in the shower area for the bridge and then never coming back around that was fun but give me a stance or they're standing in the formation kind of all doing something really sexy and slow together but like you said about Paradiso girls when you when you watch the dancing you're like okay I can kind of see why maybe they were better they're better dancers as a group than Paradiso girls for sure yeah and we shouldn't know Lauren is in both of those groups as well yeah so Kudos so boring but you know what she was doing the um she was doing the uh LMFAO songs to kids get down so she got a lot better vocally too she did um yeah so Kudos she did all of them yes um I will say after watching the last three I appreciated at least this video had an attempt at an actual story oh yeah I didn't yeah I think I like the idea of like you don't really know why they were arrested until the very end but the ending was just so not satisfying and so fast that I just don't think the execution was great on that um I agree with you on the styling as well it just felt a little forced because it just wasn't relatable yeah I think like it's kind of like okay like like if you're dressed like that like I don't feel bad for you I don't know I'm crying with like a bad girl and so it's getting like young Rebellion girls who are trying to do bad things on purpose to like have fun so like I'm not like yeah no no their first single was like that like the first thing was so like childish for like the Smurf soundtrack wasn't it oh yeah okay it wasn't what it was it was okay okay okay I'll give them that but then it kind of carried on where it's like you guys can just look like bratty girls that are just really stylish as opposed to like girls who are like heartbroken and strong about it it's almost wrong yeah well it was strong in in like a sense that I didn't love I don't know it was strong in the sense to like be on their side it was a oh I wonder what these bad girls did at the time you know what I mean yeah yeah as opposed to ooh like someone wronged these girls yeah and I think that's what it should have been because that's obviously what the song is about so I just didn't love that I think individually they all did a really good job you can definitely see the potential in this group for sure like give them a couple more videos and I think I you know I've always said it's easier to do the absolute most and give 150 and then learn how to kind of pull it back and give yourself a lot of range that way and yeah and it's easier to do that than it is to like have someone who's just a bad performer and try to pull it out of them right like as dancers like that's always been the biggest struggle right and so they're all doing again the absolute most which has been the same thing that we've seen so Robin Anton is a is she does a good job of pulling you know performance out of people um but unfortunately a lot of these groups didn't have a chance to actually like develop those skills and actually give some range to their ability but I do think the five of them did well I agree I wish that there were more proper group scenes because even in the lineup and stuff there's not really any chemistry it's just kind of like they're all just there so yeah you can't even tell that they actually like each other like I was watching some interviews and I'm like these girls probably have some of the best chemistry that all of the all of her groups have had like the fact that they even try to stay together after everything that happens says a lot so yeah me so that concludes round two the video yes what wins for you oh dang it I gotta give it a don't you I know it's really tough right I know I really don't want to keep giving everything to don't ship but we won't this video really is the best one yeah well as objectively as I possibly can be without being biased like yeah it really is the most entertaining one out of the four I think if grl's concept was a little stronger or if it was executed a little differently I think that would win for me I was thinking girlishes because I just I feel like them as like a silhouette I knew who was in the damn group I think the budget really killed it though that's what killed it yeah yeah you know what that being said y'all if you've made this part of this video hit that subscribe button please give us a like as well and if you're listening give us a follow and everybody a rating five stars um but also let us know what your picks are for each round because we are on over the final round and we want to hear what you have to say because as you can see we're having a hard time so we want to know it's a struggle for you drop those comments round three so round three is where we talk about performance and the choreography so the Pussycat Dolls what do you think of their don't ship performances Pussycat Doll performances were always so interesting especially if don't check because like you said the song goes absolutely no we're in the production but you know where it does go live everywhere and back it takes you to like r b land Jazzy land and even to gay club land toward the end so it's so fun um Nicole makes me laugh you want to talk about just the song is boring I'm about to do some extra stuff she's one of those people who over sing at times but when we were all growing up we were like oh my gosh she's eating it out let me look back from hindsight it's like choices make good ones um but yeah like her she her kind of doing this weird syncopated thing with that I know you're lying man I know you do like she was doing things

so this is like babe the song just started use that for second verse um and then um you can kind of hear Melody trying to like don't you wish your girlfriend was so you can kind of see it but like overall aside from like the little silly things here there like Nicole's iconic Bridge um they were some serious freaking performers and I think it is based on like their dance performance um their dancers right like if you think about Sierra people like huh million dollar songs like that you can't say a girl couldn't dance like you could watch that Janet Whitney well she could dance and then always perform they give you the body they give you the face we get we get trained as dancers you better give everything because you can't say it so that's what those girls were doing they knew that they knew what the words were about and they held the mic lip sync for their life and danced there was hair there was eyes to each other I see the audience was like sheesh take my man you can have them and I'll be right there behind him okay I'm proud of everybody um but yeah no I think I think they did such a good job and you can see like even with all of the craziness that was happening behind the scenes be sure to check out our pop one-on-one um with all the craziness happening behind the scenes those girls knew when that track came on shut up and go hard and they did so I will never get sick of watching them perform yeah especially don't you I think actually like they all just light up when this song comes on like the second that V comes on but even in all the later performances like with the you know really sad reunion that we got like they killed all the performances of this song and I think as you mentioned most of these members are dancers first yeah you know as we mentioned the three of them aren't even on the song at all and so that does allow them though to then perform the crap out of it and the choreography is so good you can see the burlesque Origins yeah but now there's some hip-hop groups in there there's Street Jazz sass mixed in there and there's just so much intention behind every move and the musicality is just so good yeah like they hit little they hit different parts in the production every single verse like every little bit of of the song they're doing different things like even in the bridge which as we had or as I had mentioned I'm just kind of like it's okay

and like on the on the recording that's very boring yes but even just watching them all strut together like as a group it looks so good I'm not even counting Nicole coming forward and doing that no thank you you ain't blind

but yeah they are just such good performers and then I also really appreciate the way the formations are done also oh my gosh you get a lot of nice levels I like them all facing different directions yeah for the chest pops um it's just really really Dynamic there's just a lot going on but it's all very very clean and I love the dance remix transition for the end because you know like you mentioned you need you need to pick it up you know the song Only does so much and so it makes sense skip the third verse and just go into a way higher BPM and give that energy yeah so very very satisfying ending absolutely yes yes yes thinking of like pumping up the energy girl listens for their girls yet again doing the absolute most hey girl wait they came in hot and they they stayed hot you're so right you know what man listen listen wait give me a second give me like two seconds they were actually holding it down K-pop fans now talking about okay they can dance and they sing it the mics their mics are not on girl Licious they were always on you're always on and you make it a little bit of like a oh the attitude is trying to process it but you know what after sitting there breaking your whole back dancing like a stick of a stick of cheese it it it it will you will literally have to well you might have a hard time singing but they didn't and it's crazy because like the performance we're talking about was done for the troops and they're wearing dresses which is not the ideal thing to be performing in it's not there that's not their that's not their bag but they were in combat boots so that heel toe still came through you feel me I was like yeah there you go um but yeah man when I tell you I appreciate their energy they're they're they weren't as clean as PCD right yeah when they would Clump together and dance where um someone's arms would be two girls arms up two girls arms be down the pops just didn't feel like they were like kind of leaning and leaning in that lateral way like it looks really like nice and neat it just looks like we're just popping like it just the certain weight shifting just didn't happen in ways that I know like Ashley uh and and Carmi and the rest of what I've done like they would have been here is the lean here is the leg we're all doing some type of dip with the they didn't have that kind of cohesive um cohesion but what they lacked in cohesion they gave him performance oh my gosh unless something was like completely wrong the face was engaged the the hair air flips they gave it to you they really sold that whole hip-hop aesthetic and I think because they did have members that are actually like black and Latino it helps it helped but it wasn't like themseling or twerking and like oh yeah which I appreciate as well again I want to keep citing that that heel toe because I love it that is just quintessential early 2000s choreo um Tiffany coming out with that Latin man [Music] she sounded so good yeah yeah and I Gotta Give It Up to all of them vocally actually yes Nicole sounds super strong starting it off and she's doing the full choreo during her verse she is Christina was awesome super energy was so good and she was doing what she needed to do she went around the stage yeah gave the crowd energy she she was that energy more from the crowd so she did a really really good job with that Natalie she did what she could with that little talkie bit that she said you know I can't tell her nothing oh my God yes and she was she looked so good she's such a good dancer yeah and she was killing it and yeah Tiffany I love her tone so much um and yeah she definitely was the most stable I think vocally out of the four as well and so yeah props to them because I'm sure also yeah the troop performance it's tough I'm sure that crowd is tough it's like it's kind of an odd place to perform at and then even some other other even though some other other performances that they did like they were all really really strong and very very consistent so I have to give it to them they really did perform their butts off for sure and yeah it does make me sad because there was so much potential here exactly I think this is one of those things where it's like I think um just recently uh Christina actually came out and said she was pregnant while she was on the show and had to you know kind of like control alt delete the baby um so it yeah they were done with a lot and the girls were all as they kind of kept progressing kind of just afford something we've been trying to talk about like doing a Pop 101 on the show for the longest time so if you want to see that let us know we're probably going to do it to interview one of the girlish just women yes Nicole Natalie let us know yeah we love you girls we do because they are definitely Stars I mean I think because they all have such high energy it wasn't like oh this one is the Nicole this one's the Beyonce no they were all good also yes the choreography as well there's some really really great grooves in there and even just like the musicality actually is really great for this choreography player three is Paradiso girls with Patron tequila so they did have a couple performances with Eve they had some you know a lot of like daytime performances I guess which is so weird so that was interesting not too many performances to reference with this but in the morning time like it's five five p.m somewhere like what what's wrong he's just waking up with your thing of coffee like what the hell

it's just odd choices all around right absolutely bad ones well you mentioned charme not having a single line in this song well at least when Eve wasn't there she got to do all the raps so she got those moments she killed it she was great she was great but then Kelly she's still a DJ Kelly got nothing oh yeah look at those legs lips like she could have said something like like Flavor Flav like at least flavorful was like Yeah Boy come on oh God yeah but yeah um I just have to say Chelsea sounded amazing and I think kind of saves the performances a little bit as you mentioned Patron that's wrong she sounded great so keep it just sounds great and she's I think probably the best performer of the five of them as well I think she had a really strong presence all throughout yeah the rest of it honestly just felt very messy I I think if the whole point was we know we're party girls and like we like to get drunk then I guess it works that came across that definitely is what came across because you know as we mentioned they're not really dancers so it's just not clean at all like even the fist pumps aren't clean did you notice that some of them are hitting up some of them are going in a circle yeah some I was like oh my God you can't even clean them oh my God come on like what happened to your standards Robin I don't understand what happened because even if you're not dancers as we've seen from almost every other girl group right you could at least make it look good Chris you're so right and can I say I feel so bad for Lauren is probably like most improved like superlative like across the board like when we talk about DRL she yeah oh I completely agree yeah because Lauren we're talking about a daytime performance they did y'all Lauren had pink roots sorry so you have pink roots and she was the weaker dancer I will say that um and you are so right in terms of Chelsea holding it down because it sucks because she's had the most quote-unquote training she has been the longest trainee right she came in through the show she came in with this group and she just kept working at it I'm not saying this other girls didn't work at I'm not saying that at all but she's the one who has the experience with Dancing with other girls like this so she knows to kind of glance back she knows that she has that and I really do wish she would have gotten a little bit more but also shout out to Charmaine because I think she actually can dance oh yes you can she can you know yeah and it's just like dang it sucks she was doing some [ __ ] in the kick at one point she was giving it to me and I'm like girl you were around the wrong people but what's up here's the here's my kind of issue though with try me because I agree I think she was great I think she was definitely the I'm gonna look good and I don't care how you guys look because you know here's the thing right we're both dancers we've danced with other you know I've been in Cruise like you've been background dancers in groups right and stuff like that yeah so like the whole idea is to like you want to match the energy of the people around you so that you look good as a group yeah charmay was like I'm gonna kill this choreography even though the two people next to me look like crap I was a charme back in the day there's footage of me on perfect they're supposed to be on the internet somewhere else I choreographed and I was like I choreographed it so why can't I you know that was my thought my thinking but yeah I think charme had that moment yes it was bad and then let's talk about more of the vocals I mean Arya sings almost everything because she's leading that chorus you know what yeah you can tell she's trying to keep her face not scratched up singing this yelling I mean it's hard not to discourse because it's hot it's up there yeah and she's like trying to like jump and like dance at the same time so Props to her she actually did a very very good job she did no she did yeah yeah yeah um because it's tough to Belt like that while jump in and doing all those hip rolls and stuff sorry yeah so yeah just um a tad messy but again you know this was their first single yeah I you know give them a bit more time I think they would have been a lot more polished not my I mean not your being who's that [ __ ] or who's that yeah who's my I like that song was awful it was terrible

I like it and Kelly did not sing in that either Kelly um I will say there is one daytime performance where they did do the remakes at the end kind of a calling out to the Jones yeah so I appreciated that you know that helped I think to give the song you know a nice conclusion yeah um but yeah the performances are messy as hell now getting on to something that's a little less messy but with the same member Lauren again coming through in the rear with her most improved award it's Gro girl ugly heart this kind of goes back to what I was saying like them they don't look like a girl group and I'm just like oh this is so they're almost there right like I love their silhouette their vocals are there but just they don't look like a girl group yet and also I can see why they weren't so like dance heavy as well because there's a little like a moment in the beginning when they're like dancing and everyone's kind of hitting this cute little movie is her name emelyn yes yes emilyn e if you will she starts doing this little

it's little things like that I think they were a lot more together but you can see like weaker members like here and there yeah you know so I appreciate like it got better as it went along like it's not as polished as PCD it's not as you know cheese sticky as uh girl Licious and it's not as sloppy as Paradiso girls so I appreciate that the girls actually tried but it was actually pretty basic you know like step touching step touching and I hate that they were dancing in Jeffrey Campbell's shoes those chunky heels yes a lot of the performances they're wearing you can tell them it looks very uncomfortable to dance in bro and it kills because you're sort of worried about not dying while you're dancing and you have to hit notes like this and I'm just like dang it like Emma's a bad dancer and and um Natasha's not a bad dancer but they're in such high heels with terrible like balance that they're like looking super stiff or you're gonna tip over when they're dancing so just attacking them just attack them it's just like what are you doing stop and then I look at their feet I'm like oh that's why you're doing that um I will say that the choreography wasn't as like iconic or memorable you know and that's kind of you know the thing it's more put together but it wasn't like memorable vocally vocally speaking I don't think that they were purposely trying to rely on the backing vocal but that thing was loud I'm like did y'all just send the CD over like whoever did it as a jerk I don't know what the heck was going on but I feel like they didn't have a performance track writing I wish they would have I wish they would have had a band track I don't know I just like it could have been a little bit more less less like super good girl group doing a talent like Cheetah Girls like oh they're great but it's giving talent show you know yeah uh but no honestly all together as a group love their silhouette their chemistry is actually their choreography even though super simple at least it's clear so I think it's pretty decent but it's like B plus B minus kind of quality you know yeah I agree with you I think I think as we mentioned with Paradiso girls it was kind of tough to find performances that we could kind of put the four of them on the same Lane because obviously you know PCD had a lot more opportunities they got to perform on like you know award shows and stuff and yeah all got some big performances as well they got like a X Factor Australia like they got to do bigger things and I did to be fair that performance the backing track was much quieter but I think just to kind of keep them all in a leveling feel that they were just gonna refer to kind of the more daytime kind of stuff that they did all four of these groups did yeah so yeah I think from what you can hear over the backing track they actually do sound pretty good yeah um I think you know you mentioned Lauren most improved she sounded so much better singing this song than she did uh Patron tequila yeah um and yeah I think even Paula who as he mentioned she is a Dancer first she sounded good on her little you know yeah yeah yeah um and you you know they all have a good presence as well you know this you still see Robin's training here you know they do a good job of you know they know what to do when they're on camera right I do appreciate that um yeah with the dancing no there is again this kind of like hip-hop influence but then their outfits and stuff just don't really reflect go with that yeah reflect that so then they're like opening their knees and like kind of like getting down on things and it's like oh like first off it doesn't match the song it's not a country pop influence stomping song Oh and then also they can't really do it in these outfits that you're putting them in so it just ends up looking awkward so I actually don't think the choreo is that bad I actually think yeah like I like the little ugly hard like with the fist up um It's The Styling that's not lending itself it's gonna all come together it just doesn't really match you know like I liked them all like pointing their guns in different directions at one point or whatever like there were little moments that were good and there was some good formation changes and some interesting staging choices like they're in a diagonal at one point like yeah there is stuff happening yeah um again I think it's just they're not there yet because they're so new and I guess you know a lot of them had performed in the dance troupe so their training was just and their chemistry had more time I guess to kind of come together as opposed to these other three groups so it's kind of a little unfair I guess to compare it um but yeah I do still think you know I stand by what I said earlier there is a lot of potential here like this is in line with us watching you know the first few girls allowed performance is the first few Saturdays performances like you know it always starts off a little rough and this is only their second single and they did a good job given the context of everything yeah you're so right but you're still like oh yeah they're going to be so good and you know unfortunately things turn out the way they did but you know um it's a shame but that concludes this round the final round of performances so and I choose girl Licious I've been wanting to give them something for a minute now and I think as the line distribution the dancing they may not be as polished all the kind of they went through they got on stage and they did their thing all right and personally for me I think because like I probably would want to be in this group like I'm thinking like what group would I want to be in even I would want to dance with them I want to sing with them I think they're fun um uh and I and I do again I wish things would have turned out a little bit better for them because I have a soft spot but uh but yeah definitely I think I think I'll give it to them I think so because everything yes I vote for Girlicious as well I love them and I actually I don't think you can see in my notes like later on but I doubt she said the same thing I said I have a soft spot for Girlicious and I love their first album I love their second album um I went down a YouTube haul earlier this week when we you know we're planning for this episode I watched fan cams of them performing Maniac like in a tiny club like I just went down the hole and I thoroughly enjoyed it yeah because they are so good and it makes me so sad that the US was never here for them right and I wish they had gone to Europe I think they would have had a chance if they went to the UK honestly but anyway I digress Robbins you did what you could with your resources that you had but then still make some very questionable choices I uh yeah yeah it's rough out here in Easter eggs so where did you compare where who did you compare Robin to I said Robin is kind of like the the Lou Pearlman of girl groups like she could make a girl group you know Mr Mr Poop Herman um anyway um you know Backstreet and what NYC and sink Nsync and in the end of the list keeps going on and I mean it does get a little diluted as you continue but that's kind of what happened with her girlfriend exactly because diluted Bad Business dealing some other Shady things where members are like hey she kind of was using PCD as a front so unfortunately both in business and in Creative purposes she kind of matches poop Herman um pooper excuse me um but not my business we're not here to talk about any of that drama all of it's very unfortunate I wish it never happened to anyone um but I just think in terms of like business and music I'm just like wow we haven't had somebody like keep pumping out girl groups coming out acts like this except in K-pop so it's kind of refreshing to kind of go back down memory lane A Memory Lane excuse me and it's such a shame that the PCD thing didn't happen and and it sucks because all these girls and these crazy like yeah uh sexy girl groups are now like reformed Christians and we can't even be like Hey listen do you want to talk about your day because they're like nah the devil's music which sucks because we're like you wait you don't like it no more okay okay you know but when we get bigger we're going to get them on the show we're going we're going to get them yes please I would love to talk about girlishes

yeah you know I think at the end of the day yeah putting aside all the Shady business dealings right Robin she knows what makes a good girl group I think all four of these have elements of that and they all had a lot more potential like even Pussycat Dolls who are actually one of the biggest girl groups ever yeah sales wise and stuff those two albums it could have been even bigger they could have been even better than they were if some of these businessy things didn't happen right yes so I have a soft spot for Girlicious Like I mentioned my I have a soft spot for GRL as well because I see and feel the potential and so it's a little sad I think not to treat in Paradiso like the middle child so I didn't get it I don't get it as a huge European girl

um but anyway as a final winner oh that's tough I think okay as a final winner I mean I think for me it's clearly between Girlicious and Pussycat Dolls Sam I think this is not my favorite Pussycat Doll song um I think they actually get better kind of later on even despite it being their biggest one so actually I think overall I'd give it to Girlicious My overall winner I keep singing you you in my head girl this is I keep singing you you you do you like his ghosts for me too yeah I mean especially with Lino the fact that all four of them can sing and like they're all like on the same level I don't know yeah I think they're just great and like me was great and deserved better it did serve better oh oh well let us know what you all think if you're a PCD fan girl Licious fan Paradiso girlfriend apparently the Chrissy doesn't know why um or if you were both I'm joking because yeah I think I was you gotta be really young and impressionable like I was until I've been like a huge fan of them I guess um I'm totally joking but no let us know what you guys all think of this if you feel like we're crazy tell us why you think we're crazy but say it in a nice way um let us know what you think about the tracks and what wins to pop off for you what's your favorite Robert Anton group and why and of course feel free to message us at CCTV pops on all social medias drop a comment like subscribe all that good stuff and if you have any ideas for more pop-offs you can get priority Choice by joining our crew on patreon at patreon.com CCTV pops don't forget to like subscribe and turn on the notifications for our YouTube channel and if you are enjoying the show on a podcast platform please give us a follow rating and a review until next time oh that's Chris that's Shannon and we're signing off from CCTV the non stop pop show [Music]

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On April 19th, Webster Hall was filled with “FLO Lifers” eagerly awaiting the UK girl group FLO who are currently embarking on their “FLO Live” tour. Formed 2019, FLO consists of Jorja Douglas, Renee Downer, & Stella Quaresma. The group’s style distinctly derives from R&B and Hip-Hop from the 1990’s and early 2000s. For a more in-depth analysis FLO’s sound and trajectory watch here (https://youtu.be/i18hpBoW4EU)/ <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/i18hpBoW4EU" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Before FLO took the stage, Samaria, an Oakland R&B singer, opened the show. Samaria started with a simple backdrop featuring her name, keys, and drums. The audience seemed familiar with her music and if they were not, they were supportive and living in the moment. Samaria interacted with the audience well and related to them on the basis of terrible ex's and a journey through a toxic relationship. Samaria’s songs had interesting cadences, but what was  missing for us was backing vocals on the track to delineate verses from choruses. After doing some research we found that the “Out of the Way” singer has a sound also inspired by 00s R&B, with a some tracks tracks full of fun guitar licks and drum patterns reminiscent of Timbaland, but none of those instruments were present in her performance. Her backline consisted of a keyboardist and a drummer. Although Samaria sounded good, at times the keyboard’s volume was overpowering.  She worked the stage, nonetheless and  good job. 7.5 out of 10 ! ()SCORE

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CVI-FMictlA" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>



Okland R&B Singer, Samaria as the opening act for FLO's tour "FLO Live." Samaria on stage singing with her band.Oakland R&B singer, Samaria performing on stage at Webster Hall as the opening act for FLO (Jorja, Renee and Stella) for their sold out "FLO Live" tour.

Next up was the much-anticipated FLO, and the girls opened with "Not My Job." They were all dressed in black with cute cutouts, and their outfits were shimmery (I love sparkle!) which was a welcome change from their wardrobe at the MOBO awards. Their faces were beat (we love a “natural glam”),

their vocals were tight, and their choreography was utilized well to highlight grooves. The chemistry between the girls was undeniable, and their vocal blend was seamless— absolutely chill-inducing. Jorja's thick vocal tone took the songs to a soulful place, and Stella's airy delivery allowed her to float at the top of the group's harmonies. Renee's smooth, warm alto voice added a coolness to their sound and gained a lot more stability in live singing. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention FLO’s band! The band consisted of some past schoolmates, which added another layer of charm to the whole set!

The absolute highlight of the show was "Losing You” In this live arrangement, the girls emoted and connected with the audience on a deeper level. Chris loved harmonized adlibs, brand new bridge and extra outdo including a guitar solo.  As a special treat, FLO performed a cover of Jamelia's version of "Superstar" by Christine Militon.  Even though a majority of the NYC crowd had no clue who Jamelia was and didn't know the song, the girls did teach the chorus before singing the song, so some fans were able to follow along. Chris and I certainly knew the song and even received compliments on synchronized impromptu choreography.

Speaking of choreo…

The girls' choreography was something we were curious to see, and they did not disappoint. They danced well, and they were given grooves as opposed to sharp movements that really complemented each member's personal style. In terms of technique, they aren’t K-pop idols so we weren’t expecting crazy formations and “point dances,” but you can tell they put in the work to provide another layer of entrainment to the experience. There was even some chair-ography for their performance of "Change," a new track about a lover's inability to "do the work" necessary to improve the condition of the relationship.

The girls did perform their latest single, "Fly Girl" ft Missy Elliot, and although Missy Elliot was present in the audience, she did not join the performance.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">.<a href="https://twitter.com/flolikethis?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">@flolikethis</a> big up to Flo out here in the states on the road working hard! Keep doing yall thizzzzle!!!🔥 <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Flygirl?src=hash&amp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">#Flygirl</a>💇🏾‍♀️💃🏾💅🏾 <a href="https://t.co/Qtgr2f2KBl">pic.twitter.com/Qtgr2f2KBl</a></p>&mdash; Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott) <a href="https://twitter.com/MissyElliott/status/1649101483621728272?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">April 20, 2023</a></blockquote> <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

Fans (the FLO Lifers) were absolutely living their best lives! They knew all the words to FLO’s songs—the BGV's and the ad-libs. It was a room full of genuine love and screams! FLO closed the night with their debut single, "Cardboard Box," and this performance featured a heavenly bridge section.

Overall, the show was good, and for this to be the group's first headlining tour, we were impressed with the girls’ improvement from performances like the MOBO Awards, where nerves played a noticeable factor. FLO is worth the hype for sure, and we cannot wait to see the new era of girl groups being led by FLO. For their NYC debut, we rate them a 9 out of 10! FLO Lifers left Webster Hall with unforgettable memories and high expectations for FLO's future performances.