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Join music industry specialists Chris and Chantel Nicole as they deep-dive and reveal their unfiltered thoughts on the best pop acts, songs, albums and concerts from around the globe. From the latest releases to the biggest music festivals, Chris and Chantel share their opinions on everything pop and K-pop music related.

CCTV’s pop podcast is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the pop and K-pop world. It provides an entertaining and informative way to learn about the music, culture, and people behind it all.

Chris and Chan give music reviews, interview pop stars, and feature guest appearances from legendary music producers. Be sure to subscribe to your new favorite podcast today! 

Latest Episodes

Album C-View: Girls Aloud - "What Will The Neighbours Say?"
December 02, 2023x
01:17:3471.02 MB

Album C-View: Girls Aloud - "What Will The Neighbours Say?"

Girls Aloud are BACK with a brand new tour, so it's time for Chris and Chantel Nicole to deepdive into the group's second album, "What Will The Neighbours Say?". We take you on a track-by-track journey, discussing the production, vocals, lyrics, videos, performances, and more! Vie...

BONUS: European tracks from *NSYNC - "*NSYNC"
November 27, 2023x
00:26:4524.5 MB

BONUS: European tracks from *NSYNC - "*NSYNC"

*NSYNC released multiple versions of their debut album, and since our publicly released episode covered the American sequence, we had more tracks to discuss! Riddle Best Of My Life More Than A Feeling Together Again U Drive Me Crazy References: More Than A Feeling (acapella) https://youtu...

Pop Off: JINI vs SEVENTEEN vs TAEMIN (October 2023 Comebacks)
November 17, 2023x
00:55:4851.09 MB

Pop Off: JINI vs SEVENTEEN vs TAEMIN (October 2023 Comebacks)

Welcome to the October 2023 K-Pop edition of 'Pop Off'! In this episode, we bring you an epic showdown between three K-Pop acts: JINI, SEVENTEEN and TAEMIN. We're here to compare and contrast their latest songs, music videos, and choreography. Join us as we dissect JINI "C'mon&...

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