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Join music industry specialists Chris and Chantel Nicole as they deep-dive and reveal their unfiltered thoughts on the best pop acts, songs, albums and concerts from around the globe. From the latest releases to the biggest music festivals, Chris and Chantel share their opinions on everything pop and K-pop music related.

CCTV’s pop podcast is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the pop and K-pop world. It provides an entertaining and informative way to learn about the music, culture, and people behind it all.

Chris and Chan give music reviews, interview pop stars, and feature guest appearances from legendary music producers. Be sure to subscribe to your new favorite podcast today! 

Latest Episodes

It's MIN's Prime Time! Journey with JYP & Miss A | POP 101 [PART 1]
June 21, 2024x
00:49:2245.2 MB

It's MIN's Prime Time! Journey with JYP & Miss A | POP 101 [PART 1]

We are joined by the one and only MIN for our first in-studio POP 101 class and are celebrating the release of her new solo project, "PRIME TIME"! Known as one of K-Pop's best performers from the second generation, MIN tells us all about her time training with JYP from a young age (in...

What's Up with HYBE & ADOR? + NewJeans "How Sweet" Review
June 14, 2024x
00:40:2737.04 MB

What's Up with HYBE & ADOR? + NewJeans "How Sweet" Review

We dive deep into the latest buzz surrounding HYBE (Bang Si-Hyuk) and ADOR (Min Hee-jin). What's really going on behind the scenes? Join us as we break down the details of the ongoing battle between these two powerhouses and discuss the impact on NewJeans. Plus, we give our honest review of New...

Album C-View: Britney Spears - "Blackout"
May 31, 2024x
01:09:5464.01 MB

Album C-View: Britney Spears - "Blackout"

"Blackout" is often regarded as Britney's best we agree? Join us as we go track-by-track through the iconic album and discuss the songs, videos, performances, and everything in between! Join us on Patreon!: Follow us on social media: https:/...

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