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CCTV: The Nonstop Pop Show is your go-to podcast for all things pop! We deep dive into international pop trends, critiques, and news covering your favorite pop groups, artists and icons. We have listeners across 23 countries that join us each week. Please check out our media kit here!

Together, Chris and Chantel provide an entertaining and informative look at all aspects of the music industry. From the latest trends to the biggest concerts, they have it all covered. Join them as they share their thoughts and opinions on the biggest music acts, songs, albums, and more. Get ready to take a journey through the inner workings of the music industry and gain an understanding of what it takes to make it in the business. Viewer discretion is advised, your fave will be criticized. 

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Our Team

This awesome podcast is brought to you by these awesome people:

Chantel Nicole

Chris Cheong

Chantel Nicole is an accomplished singer, songwriter, music producer, and performer within the music industry. She is an award-winning independent recording artist and songwriter with over five years of experience working for American and Korean record labels and publishing companies. Chantel also has over 13 years of choreography and dancing experience with renowned studios and artists. She is passionate about creating impactful music and performances that will move and inspire people. With her unique perspective on the industry, she offers an analytical look at the world of music.

Chris has been working in the music industry for more than a decade. A former American record label manager, he provides invaluable insight into the industry, from the creative process to the business side of things. He has an extensive set of drumming skills and specializes in rock and pop styles. That's not all! For the last 14 years as a dancer and choreographer, Chris has performed at major events like World of Dance and Boston Pride to name a few.

"Chris and Chan are the only pop duo I listen to."

Angelique Valdez

Our Reviews

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Ghosts - Siobhan Donaghy

Loved the “Ghosts - Siobhan Donaghy” Episode! Not sure I agreed with some of the critique, but that’s what makes it so much fun! Who doesn’t love an owl and forest sounds in the background of an album?!! Cheers guys! 🤩 Keep up the hard work!

Her 82 old addiction

I went to both aug 18,19 and of those shows. She was terrific. Her voice was beautiful Highlight of was have both her kiddos dance and sing

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CCTV is a Rare Gem!

Finally! A pop podcast filled with insight and knowledge about the music industry. Chris and Chan are very informative and fun to listen to! They break down all things pop including K-pop, so rare! Entertaining, relevant, and keeps me waiting for the next episode. Five stars all the way!